Health and Safety

Please inform us of serious personal medical conditions or other information that may be needed in an emergency. If you observe unsafe conditions on site, please insure the safety of others and then report the situation immediately at the Information Desk. The First Aid tent will be onsite with a nurse available to attend to any injuries. Individuals are responsible for their fitness levels, and adhering to all safety rules.

Please read each set of rules for the different codes (under each sporting code tabs). In the event of a more serious accident or where there is any uncertainty as to the extent of the injury involving the head, neck or spine, then an ambulance will be called. No one is to attempt to take individuals to the hospital without notifying us. There will be ice packs available for use.

Emergency Contacts:

Ambulance, Police, Fire - 111

Event Manager - Sarah - 0274680642

Sports Park CEO - Jock - 021808303

Event Chairman - Malcolm - 0272031011

Nurse will be onsite to assess any emergency.